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Close encounter of third kind in Emilcin

 What happened on 10th May 1978 in the village of Emilcin in south-eastern Poland?

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By Nautilus Foudation*


Warsaw – Poland

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Wolski shows the ilustration oh the being.


Jan Wolski [pronounced Vol-ski] (born 29th May 1907, died 8th January 1990) – was a farmer from the south-eastern Polish village of Emilcin. As to his education, he only attended three years of a primary school. Then he took private lessons for one year, and finally took two more years at a school in the neighboring village of Zosin. He was married and had four children.


On 10th May 1978 he was coming back home on his cart, pulled by a mare he had, from a neighboring village. He had taken his mare there to mated with a local stallion.


The main road was asphalt-paved, and too hard for the mare, which was not shoed. So he turned to a siding, and then into a forest path which was also a shortcut to his house.  Eventually he got into thickets, that touched and scratched his face.


Jan Wolski.


When he got out of the thickets, he noticed two beings walking along the path.  The beings jumped over a stretch of mud. One of them did not do it not quite well it and left a peculiar print (shoe?) on the mud.  Wolski passed by the beings, while they kept themselves  on both sides of the track. Suddenly they jumped into  Wolski’s cart.  He then noticed their characteristic features: greenish faces, slanting eyes, a slit instead of mouth, black uniforms (slightly similar to those of scuba divers), and little “fins” between their fingers.  They also had high-pitched voices and proceeded to talk to each other in an extremely fast speech, and in a language unknown to Wolski. First, the farmer thought they were Chinese who – for some reason – had their faces painted in green.


When Wolski and his cart, with the two beings inside, arrived to a clearing, he saw an object hovering to the right.  It was almost motionless, except for a slight movement up and down.  It was metallic and reminded Wolski of a bus, had a form of a cubicle with some “whirls” on the corners. It was entirely silent and had no joints at all on its surface. In a more technical description it could be said that the craft’s appearance was a composed geometrical solid.


The base was like a parallelepiped, topped by a cambered surface, perhaps a cylindrical longitudinal section. The parallelepiped part had brackets adjusted to each of its vertical corners right in between. Yet those brackets were not perfectly cylindrical, having a barrel-like appearance. From those brackets emerged up and down, long poles, similar to a drill thread, spinning all the time.Also in a more technical language,they had the shape of very long conical volute. Their extension above and under each bracket was about 1,5m, having a maximum diameter of about 30cm.


 Reconstituction of the UFO.


Wolski was “invited” to get into the object.  A door, which before was not visible at all, opened on the object’s side. Down came a kind of a “lift” similar to a platform, supported by four “cords”, also bringing another crew member who came from the inside of the craft. However, one of the strange beings remained on the ground, while Wolski and one being of the initial “duo” embarked on the platform with the  third crew member. The “lift” went up very quickly.


The inside of the craft was all graphite-black. No lighting, no switches, no displays or any device like that.  It was as homogenous (without any seams, joints etc.) as the outside.  The only piece of equipment Wolski noticed were “benches” protruding from the walls of the object. 


One of the beings held some kind of sticks and every now and then inserted them into tiny holes in one of the walls and manipulated them.  Another being started to eat something which looked like icicles, but was soft as a cake.  The being offered one of the “icicles” to Wolski but he refused. On one of the corners of craft Wolski noticed a pile of black birds (rooks or crows).  They were alive, as they were moving, but they could not fly or even walk.


Another description of strange vehicle.


Using gestures, the beings inside the craft told him to strip naked.  When he did it, as he was told to, they performed some measurements on him, using devices which reminded two small plates or saucers joined together.  They touched Wolski’s body all around and clasping the “saucers” together the way one plays castanets.  What evoked beings’ interest most was Wolski’s leather belt.


Once the examination was over, they “told” him to wear his clothes back on. He smiled and bowed to them, for he felt no fear.  The beings made a kind of grimace, apparently trying to smile back (on their way) and also bowed back.  Then Wolski and one of the beings stepped back on the platform, which immediately whizzed down, stopping some 50 cm above the ground.


Wolski rushed home very quickly, excited to tell his family and friends about what happened.  When one of his sons (plus a neighbor) ran towards the clearing, the object was no longer there. What remained was an area of grass which for many years would not grow at all – at exactly the spot where the object was hovering above the ground. Later, vegetation grew there again, but  yellowish in color.  This area is still visible up to this day, although is no longer very distinct.



Being tipology.


This is the kind of report, where people like Wolski would look as the sole protagonist. However an surprisingly he wasn’t. Other people from the neighborhood encountered either  the beings, or their craft, or both, but in different circumstances. In fact, two children from the village of Emilcin, Adam and Agnieszka Popiołek [pronounced Poh-pyo-weck] saw a strange “bus” going up and above their barn.  He also saw a “pilot” through a craft’s “window”.  The boy told his mother about it.  By her turn, his mother was home and heard a strange bang.  Once the boy told his sighting to his mom about what, he and his sister went to the backyard to play and didn’t not tell a word  about it to anybody else.


Some time after, the boy’s mother heard about Wolski’s “abduction” by strange beings, through a neighbor. Adam had not discussed his observation with anybody else. This lasted until the boy’s father came back home. Then Adam told his observation to his father, but he didn’t pay much of his attention, for he was in a hurry, needing to leave immediately.


In the meantime Mrs Popiołek told her sister about what she had heard from her neighbor. Adam did not participate of  this conversation.  Later, Adam’s father came back home again and asked the boy about further details of his observation. The latter told his father everything he had seen  and made a sketch of the craft.


Another witness seems to have seen the same (or identical) craft, although the place and time were different.  Henryk Marciniak [pronounced Mar-tchee-nyack] saw an object in a small town called Golina (mid-western Poland) on 27th September 1978.


In the afternoon of that day he went to collect mushrooms on a clearing.  Suddenly he saw an unusual craft.  With some delay, he eventually took his motorcycle and rode towards the strange object.  In a matter of instants he saw an open doorway (which was not there before) and two beings stood on both sides of Marciniak, and he extended his hand in a welcome gesture. The aliens got interested in Marciniak’s motorcycle and by using gestures asked him to take a ride.  Meanwhile a buzzing sound came from inside the craft, and the beings slowly come back to the object which then goes up and disappears.


The Jan Wolski's Memorial by Nautilus Foundation.


It’s not the end of the Emilcin events.


·         The owner of a farm in Emilcin,  some 200 metres away from the clearing heard an unusual noise!

·         Two men, driving from Warsaw to Opole Lubelskie, saw a strange object in the sky

·         Tadeusz Baranowski, an artist who made sketches during research in Emilcin, has found feathers of black birds – strangely cut!


The whole event was thoroughly researched by the then famous ufologist, Zbigniew Blania-Bolnar, who passed away in 2003. He and his team of researchers, many  and from different professional areas (psychiatrist, psychologist, biologist, hypnotist, physician, physicist etc.) –  possibly conducted one of  the best-documented researches regarding the matter.  


During the research it was absolutely excluded that Wolski could have made the whole story up or that he only dreamed of it.  While a mystery remains about what and who Wolski actually did see, it was proven beyond any doubt that what he described was really what he saw and experienced.  The results of the research were documented in a book Zdarzenie w Emilcinie (An Event In Emilcin).  Earlier the story was related in a comic strip in the-then famous comic magazine “Relax” no. 27/1978 in a story called “Visitors” drawn by Grzegorz Ros.


The being's appearance:

According to Jan Wolski

According to Adam Popiołek

According to Henryk Marciniak

Height – 1,40 to 1, 45 m


140 cm

Slightly built, slender



The color of faces and hands (the only exposed parts of the body) – dark green

Green face (comparison to a leaf on a bush)

Green faces and hands – “faces similar to a green small frog”

Eyes – slanting, horizontally elongated, dark


Slanting eyes, dark red in color

Protruding cheekbones


Protruding cheekbones

Narrow, straight lips



White teeth



Sex difficult to determine



Hands slender, delicate, fingers surrounded by a bordering, some “fins” between the fingers


Delicate hands

Skin smooth and cool


Skin cool and elastic

Outfit similar to the one used by scuba divers, one-piece, slightly grayish in color

“Uniform” in a steel-gray color (comparison to a pony painted on a bike or to the color of tyres)

Dark, blackish spacesuit with no belts, buttons, zippers, sewings etc.

Clothing tightly clinging to the body and the head, directly transforming into boots

“Cap with visor” covering the ears and buttoned up under the chin

The outfit covered everything except the face and the hands

On the back kind of a palm-wide hump beginning next to the nape and stretching down and to the sides towards the arms



High-pitched, very fast talk, making a merging string of sounds


High-pitched talk, unpleasant to the ear, reminding the sound geese make

The beings performed an examination of Wolski, using “plates” with which they made clattered from time to time


The unit consisted of two joined “lids” with small, half-circle protrusions for the hands.  At the front, a small glowing “box” was visible which joined the two halves and something similar to a camera film was clinging to it

Feet – not very well visible, however the boots have left a characteristic print


Their feet were very much elongated and reminded fins


The craft’s appearance:

According to Jan Wolski

According to Adam Popiołek

According to Henryk Marciniak

Similar to a bus

“Plane”, “it”, similar to a bus

Reminded a barrack

Length 5 to 5.5 m, width 2.5 m, perhaps more, height of the roof approx. 1 m, height between the floor and the roof 1.8 m


5-6 m in length, 2.5 m in height

“Barrels” on the corners reminding a sieve (approx. 30 cm) out of which there stack out tubular “whirls” reminding a thread of a drill, sticking up and down some 1.5 m

Small “whirlies” the diameter of a plastic bowl (approx. 30 cm), two “whirlies”

No “whirls” but the object was resting on four supports approx. 70 cm tall

The “whirls” were turning all the time, giving out a silent buzz

The “whirlies” were turning


A “small lift” some 90 by 60 cm, with an upward border, a roof above the entrance


No “small lift”, but stairs which unfurled after the door opened

The corners of the roof and the “small lift” connected with “cords” – cables or wires with a diameter similar to that of an electric cable of modern irons



The front wall of the craft created weird door, which rolled inside; the entry was 80-90 cm in width and 170 cm in height

One “window” in which there was a “pilot”

The door appeared (opened) and disappeared (closed) suddenly and before the opening/after the closing they could not be discerned from the rest of the wall

The color was “clear white”, comparable to a nickeled door-knob or a car bumper

Color comparable to a brand new zinced bucket


The material of which the craft was made reminded hard plastic


Absolutely smooth

The interior of the craft was black, reminding black bakelite.  Walls straight, smooth, with no indicators, decorations, etc.  “Benches” around the walls mounted with cords



The object was hovering some 4.5 m above the ground.  It was constantly going up and down some 50 cm

Loud flight over the barn, then a bang


No wind motion was detectable


After the meeting with the witness the object went up, creating a gust of wind, then the wind increased and the object went up to the sky immediately


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* The Nautilus Foundation (Warsaw, Poland) is chaired by Robert Bernatowicz.

** Alberto Francisco do Carmo is Translator, author and researcher in ufology.

- Imagens: Nautilus Foundation (www.nautilus.org.pl).

- See it: ilustrations and study of Alberto Francisco do Carmo in page of Nautilus Foundation.


- The Via Fanzine thanks to colaboration:

- Nautilus Foundation, Mr. Robert Benatowicz (Warsaw, Poland).

- Mário Nogueira Rangel (São Paulo-SP, Brazil).

- Alberto Francisco do Carmo (Brasília-DF, Brazil).

- Ildefonso Pinto de Souza Francisco do Carmo (Taubaté-SP, Brazil).


- Production: Pepe Chaves.

  © Copyright 2004-2008, Pepe Arte Viva Ltda. Brasil.  


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